Friday, March 28, 2008

Rise and Shine! :)

Charlie started to stir around 12:15. This happened to be perfect timing as it was time to take his vitals and give him some more medication. Luckily, his blood pressure got just barely high enough to allow him to recieve his Clonidine. Jenny(Charlie's nurse) let me give him his meds for more practice. I figure that if (as his treat aunt) I can't give him oreos, Clonidine is the next best thing. It's pretty much candy to him anyway, right? We decided that since he was awake and it would take about 25-30 minutes for his medication to kick in(since it is given through his feeding tube not his PICC line) it was a perfect opportunity to give him a bath. He had a good long soak in the tub and would periodically relax in between his grimaces and cries. At one point he even started to dose off. After his bath, we wrapped him in towels and I got to hold and rock this precious angel while nurse Jenny changed his bedding. After the bedding was changed, I diapered him and lotioned him while Jenny and another nurse cleaned and re-bandaged his PICC line dressing(which ticked him off and kept his little legs a kickin)! I then learned how to clean and bandage his G-tube dressing and how to hook it back up to the pump. Jenny brushed his two little teeth, suctioned his nose, and vaselined his lips. Whew! What a process. After putting his baby leg socks back on, we positioned on his opposite side and cushioned him like a baby burrito. At this point, you could tell his meds were kicking in and he mellowed right out after tucking a blanket around him. Right now, he is sleeping once again and smells so clean and fresh! What a sweetie. I love this little man so much!
I love his little furrowed brow when he wakes up.
Getting madder.......

His little neck rolls have to be washed especially well since he keeps his head down, not allowing the area to air out.
Snoozing during his bath
After the nurse brushed his teeth, he kept making little sucking motions with his mouth like he was trying to taste the toothpaste. It was cute. On a side note, when the nurse was carrying him to the tub, he did a big wail that sounded like he was saying "Maaaaaaaaaaaam" (mom). At least that is what we thought it sounded like. It's since its our story, we're sticking to it! -Shani


whitney said...

I totally bet that he said Mom - I would want Angel, too.

Bernie, Heather and Gracie Anne said...

I started reading Charlie's blog after my sister told me about it (she works with someone that knows you). I had my first baby 4 months ago and can't imagine the strength and courage you have to have to go through what your going through. He is such a precious little guy and your family and especially Charlie are in my prayers.