Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Eve :l

Coop is back on continuous feeding at a very low rate (20/hr) with the new g-tube. Earlier he started fussing so the nurse let the tube vent, which is like burping out of the tube to release some of the air in his stomach. It's definately weird but it sometimes is all he needs to feel better and calm down. The weird part is that even though it comes out of the syringe it sounds like a real burp. When the tube was vented this afternoon, 20 cc of mostly formula came back up into the syringe so the nurse turned off his feedings for an hour to allow his stomach to empty. (That is an hours worth of food still in his stomach that hadn't drained) Then a hour later, he checked for any residual food (none left)in his stomach and then restarted the formula. Around 7:00 tonight I was rubbing Charlie's left cheek (thanks for the tip Jolene) to calm him a little and he vomited clear fluid which looked mostly like mucous so the feeding was turned off a second time and he was put on IV fluids. He recieved a thorough suctioning and a suppository and a half hour later he did the same thing, this time I thought it had a slightly sour odor. Since the bedding had to be changed again and the nurse was worried about aspiration while lying on his back, I held him in a sitting position while in the rocking chair for over an hour. His oxygen level mostly stayed normal and his lungs sounded clear after suctioning so we just rocked until the suppository gave me a false alarm. He has now been asleep for an hour after Ativan but hasn't pooped yet. The nurse gave Reglan to help settle his stomach and he has started back on the feedings. Despite having to be in the hospital, I have had a really good Easter hanging out in Charlie's room watching him sleep or fuss....either way...I love him so much.


whitney said...

I'm glad it has been a good day. The first thing I thought when I opened up Coop's blog today was how good his eyes look. Britt is looking handsome today. I laughed at Paige's comment about Barlow eyes - totally true.
Are they saying anything about his gag reflex? What does all the mucousy stuff mean?

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter guys! I just wanted say how lucky Charlie is to have such a wonderful family, espically his parents. As I read up (almost everyday), I am always impressed with the strength of Rob and Angel. I am proud to be realted to people who fight to stay with Charlie, and I know Charlie is blessed with a family who cares for him so much. That's all I wanted to say.


PS: Rob, when I read about your wristband, I re-read it to every student within earshot. I think it helped them like BYU a little more... even though we are all U fans in the library.

Meghan said...

oh ang. i;m crying again. you bring it back into perspective. sometimes it must feel to people like this is a job - getting coop better. and he is so good at throwing so many loops your way. but he isn't a job, he is a baby. and he wants to get better too. everyday from here on out is going to be full of new/different challenges... but i know you guys can do it. because you love him. we all love him. and i love you for loving him so much. you are a good mama.

Charlie Cooper said...

They say he has a weak gag so he is at risk for aspiration so we are supposed to look for a drop in oxygen level and fever. Then the doctor would order a chest x-ray. Hopefully with keeping the bed angled up we can prevent it.

Regarding mucous... I'm not sure if he is swallowing less so the mucous is accumulating or if he is producing more or if it was real vomit from his stomach. I may not get an answer to that one but I will ask tomorrow. When he is calm and relaxed he doesn't sound like he has any sort of cold

Charlie Cooper said...

thanks meggie!

whitney said...

I meant glad it was a good day from your earlier post, not that I think that Coop vomiting, emitting sour odors, receiving suppositories equals a good day.
Ang, you are amazing, you give the rest of us strength when it should be the other way around. Thank you for keeping all of us updating on this special kid.

Anonymous said...

Missouri thinks Charlie and Britty are so lucky to have parents like you. Charlie looks so cute in his Easter bib, Britty looks so handsome all dressed up. Haven't posted lately but check on you guys many times everyday. Hope today is a good day for everyone.
Prayers & Hugs from Missouri.