Saturday, March 22, 2008

Blogger of the Week Award

Well, it's official. Rob deemed me, Roxey, as the Blogger of the Week, thus giving me the privilage of posting the evening announcements! What an honor! Rocky and I are sitting with sweet Charlie while mom, dad, and Britty go out to dinner. Charlie told me he would rather be with mom and dad, but is kind enough to let us fill in for a short time. So, here's the update: Charlie has been storming for a few hours now, his many meds giving him no relief. He is sweating like Coach Whittingham (sp?) after 4th and 18--or were those tears? (Thanks for the analogy Rock.) In our feeble attempts to "calm the storm" we've put him in his PT chair, cooled his head with wash cloths, and finally turned off his feeds (I didn't do it), to see if his tummy needs a break. Pray for some rest--he needs it.
Until next time, this is Roxey, signing off......(by the way, this is an awful lot of pressure posting on this blog!)


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Anonymous said...

You are so kind to give the family a little break together. I am so sorry Charlie is storming! He looks so sweet in the previous post. I pray he can feel peaceful again soon.

Roxey said...

What's the status now? I hope the melatonin helped and that you both get some rest. Thanks for the opportunity to let us come and stay with sweet Char. Love and prayers!

Charlie Cooper said...

Thanks for the help w/ the update and the sitting. YOu and Rocky are awesome. -ROB-