Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Today is the birthday of a special little girl in our lives, the girl that w/o doubt charlie and britton will get in a fist fight over some day. She is a walking miracle and the hottest chica in all of PCMC and it sucks that she is in the hosp. on her birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JADA! We love you and your mom and dad tons.


Jada Rose said...

:-) Jada's Blushing!

Shani said...

Jada- You hold out for a huge non-hospital birthday party when you leave the hospital! Chilton family- I think she did this on purpose in order to milk two birthday parties. One for each year! I have only met you guys a few times and have never met Jada, but I have been reading your blog since she had her transplant and just want you to know that I am praying for your sweet angel girl! Happy birthday Jada!

Meghan said...

Happy to you day miss Jada! She just wanted a litte more special attention on the big #2. and girls like to spread out their birthday for like a week... i hope you are home before you know it and can have a big party with the fam (as soon as everybody is healthy! (wuggs)).
take care and we love & pray for you guys.