Thursday, February 28, 2008

Delayed Update

Sorry for the delay in updating. I went to make some decisions about the new house while Grandma Cheryl and Grandma Kathi sat with Charlie. I hadn’t seen the house other than pictures in 2 weeks and I am so amazed at how great it looks. Jared has been dealing with all of the organization of sub-contractors and fixing all the problems (ask him about his horrible day), John and crew are almost done painting the “Rainbow of Colors” (sorry John), and Chadski has almost completed the audio hookups. The carpet looks awesome thanks to Kerry and Dennis who drove 4 hours to put it in. I am so grateful for everyone’s willingness to help. I will never be able to express how much it means to us. Thank you again. It feels like a real home.

Charlie’s update:
This morning I spoke to Dr. Osguthorpe regarding the blood test for Coop’s immune system. There were a few slightly low results but all in all he felt like he has a healthy immune system. Good news! It doesn’t explain why Charlie’s body wasn’t able to fight it but at least it won’t be a future concern. The serotype test to see what strain his bacterium was is not back yet.

Neurosurgery- afternoon (as reported to Kathi and Cheryl). Shunt placement was checked with x-rays and everything looks to be in the right place. There is a little confusion as to what the brain CT showed so I will verify this information with Syd tomorrow. Kathi thought she said the ventricles were larger than the last CT (on the 13th) but Syd (Neurosurgeon Nurse Practitioner) was NOT concerned at all. However, I am very uncomfortable with this finding. I am thinking that it was a miscommunication because the ventricles should be getting smaller with a drain/shunt.

Throughout the day Charlie has had quite a few storms but they seem to be getting a little less severe as we move further away from surgery. While Troy was visiting tonight, Charlie had his eyes open and was not storming. That almost never happens. I noticed that his right eye seemed to deviate to the right so I have asked he nurse to report that to the doctor. He did another session in the gym with physical therapy. I hear he didn’t like the swing this time but he did like the vibration of an instrument. We still haven’t heard from the audiologist about hearing results and haven’t seen a consult regarding cochlear implants. Charlie’s Dad should be back in the morning so the blog entries will get entertaining again.


Meghan said...
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Jada Rose said...
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Meghan said...

sounds like a productive day. i haven't seen the house since sat & i am dying to see it with the main floor painted & counters. i am happy coops storms are becoming more "partly cloudy" than "thunder". can you imagine what it was like all day with GC&GK! what a hoot. your post doesn't say if syd is or is not concerned. i do like that he liked the vibration at the gym. was his eye "tracking" or just moving. he's such a champ. i am glad rob will be back tomorrow (you make it sound like he's a "baby daddy"). ok, have a restful night a. i'll talk to you tomorrow.

sleep well little man. love you.

Meghan said...

amen troy. you made me cry.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to hear that surgery went well and that Charlie is doing good!! You are in our prayers! Love You Guys

Jada Rose said...

Sorry one of those comments deleted was mine. I can handle a spelling error or two, but that was ridiculous! Here’s my original comment

Rob, last night I stopped in to hopefully get my spirits back on my way out of the hospital. I left my wife to run the night shift, and said hi to your wife and Charlie. Those eyes look SO DAMNED GOOD!!! But the most elevating occurrence was what happened to my spirits and outlook after leaving the room of that special boy. There are prayers, family members, friends, that fill that room even though Angel Charlie and I were physically the only people there.



seanteyatroy said...

Ang...As I read your update today, I have/had the strongest feeling that there are angels hugging you! Love you tons...let those angels and others help with carrying the stress and worry that come.

Marilee said...

I read every day of the prayers being sent for Charlie Cooper and his family, whether or not those prayers are requested. The folks here are always happy to do it: prayer has power, and when you’re hearing about a hard story it is so much better to know you can pray than to simply feel bad and helpless. I have often heard it said that “no one escapes suffering in their lives”. I am reminded of that when I read Troy and other posters here. Suffering is the great leveler. It brings all of us down to the ground. Angel, Rob and the rest of you here have shown that whether you rise above it, or break and scatter, or simply lay down and give up has a great deal to do with the willingness to live through the pain, work through all the hurt and try to find some meaning, with the help of prayer.
Remember the movie “It’s A Wonderful Life” where all the prayers are being heard in heaven for poor old George Bailey? I imagine that is what it’s like now for CCC, and it makes me smile.
Glad you got some time out of the hospital, Angel. Don’t you just love Grandmas!?!
(Oh, BTW, Coke was mother’s milk for us growing up, so it is only right that it would work on the feeding tube.)