Thursday, March 20, 2008

Uncomfortable Day :(

This picture shows about how the day has gone. Coop slept fine last night but at 8:45 (45 min after the first feeding of the day) he woke up and has been uncomfortable for 7 hours straight. We tried everything we could think of. We sat him up, he had a diaper blow out, tried to do all of the PT tricks we see Janine do and nothing worked. Usually when he gets upset the next round of meds does the trick but he was bugged right through his noon meds. He was sweating so much we changed his bedding twice. His heart rate started to climb so Janine (PT) came in to do some magic and it only lasted a couple minutes so she came back later in the day and worked with him a second time and after an hour therapy he calmed down for about 20 minutes. Janine and I both feel that he is acting like his belly hurts. The resident is a little confused because he is moving the food through, there isn't extra air in his belly, Coop is already on a medication for reflux and he is pooping. So what else could be wrong? We ended up giving both Ativan and Morphine and he is now sleeping. Colby, the resident, also ordered a blood and urine work-up to look for any clues. He also hasn't had many wet diapers so we may be giving him some fluids as the night goes on.
Rob trying all the PT moves to try to calm Coop

Applying pressure to his belly

Speech therapy tried oral stimulation with a sucker to see how he would respond. He sucked his lip a couple times but didn't like the sucker in his mouth.


Heather said...
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Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to see today isn't going very well :( I found this blog about a week ago from one of my friends blogs and I check it every day. He is absolutely beautiful! My heart just bleeds for your family. I pray for him every day and night. I know Heavenly Father loves him so much and he will be blessed.

Jody Knapp said...

I think it is time for some Coke!

whitney said...

I'm sorry he is having a rough day. Maybe he just wants Bronco back.

Anonymous said...

1. Mar and David: what is up with the Duke team... nearly losing in the first round to a number 15 ranked team,? Slipping!

2. BYU, I was rooting for you (because of the Bronc) and well... can I say "Bummer!".

3. Jazz play the Lakers tonite.. I will comment on that later!

4. Cheryl... awesome picture... what a special memory!

5. Rob, well... what can I say:
BYU is amazing and deserve your "awe"~! What a great gift... one for the "Treasures of Truth" book.. sorry, got be around my age to know about those things!

Keep it up, Charlie, you are looking better and I feel it in my bones that you are doing better..

The Thank-You card was the coolest ever and will stay on my fridge until which time I feel Char is out of the woods.

Love You, JIll B

Andrea said...


Meghan said...

i love the belly pressure picture. he looks stately, even like he's smiling a bit. i hope they figure out why his gut is bugging him. try some gripe water ;)
maybe next time he gets a sucker, they could choose a darker more messy color...

Charlie Cooper said...

andrea- we asked about lactobacillus and the resident said it's "a thought but he has been off antibiotics long enough that he probably has built it up again." I think I will bring it up when Terry comes back from vacation on Monday if we don't get it figured out.

meg- Your right about the color. We had to explain to a couple people that came to see Charlie that his lips really weren't blue because they wanted to check his oxygen level.

Anonymous said...

Meg - It takes a mother to know that you never give a child a dark sucker. The candy companies need to think about making flesh colored candy for kids.

Trish said...

Meggie, You're a freak and I adore you for it. I must admit I thought that blue was odd, but I tend to have feelings that anything blue shouldn't be ingested. Nothing naturally comes blue (even blueberries are purple.)