Sunday, February 17, 2008

Some results

The resident just came in to give results. Since she isn’t very familiar with Charlie’s case and she is not from neurology she isn’t able to answer what it means for him just what the radiologists have written. So here it is...“No abscesses seen only cysts. Progression of brain atrophy.” I asked if they can tell on an MRI what is inside the capsule to distinguish between an abscess and a cyst. She said they can by the difference in color. Different substances show up differently on an MRI. As far as the progression of brain atrophy she didn’t know if that is an ongoing process with meningitis or if that is an unexpected finding. She said neurology should be by tomorrow to help explain it in the context of Charlie’s case. I don't really know what to think of these results. I guess I wonder what we thought were abscesses on the CT scan are really cysts all along. Would that better or worse or are they two different findings altogether? And I never like hearing of continuing atrophy. The scan was compared to one done on Feb 1st when he was still very critical so I hope that is wasn't significant progression.

Currently Charlie is a little irritated his temp is down but he is sweating. I don't know if he is sweating because he is working so hard to breath or if his body just isn't regulating very well. It seems to be going on throughout the evening. The nurse is going to continue the Tylenol/Motrin alternating schedules just to help with the irritation and she just gave him some Morphine. HR- 161


Roxey said...

Oh, Angel, I hope you can get some rest. I'm glad he was "relaxed in mom's arms" at least for a time. What is the atrophy? and do you know the difference between abscesses and cysts? I hope you're okay and that you're both resting now.

Charlie Cooper said...

Rox- atrophy means cell loss or in this case brain shrinkage. I think the difference between a cyst and a abscess is just what is inside the enclosure. A cyst just has fluid and an abscess has pus (White blood cells and the bacteria debris).