Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Possible Information Overload :)

---If you only want to know how Charlie is currently doing...Skip to the bottom of post---
I spent 30 minutes on the phone today with Debra Jensen from the Davis County Health Department. Because streptococcus pneumoniae meningitis is an infectious disease it is automatically reported to the health department to track outbreaks. She asked a few demographic questions and then read over some material they have regarding the bacteria. Some of it we may have already posted but some may be new information. They generally see this in the winter and early spring usually in people that are immunocompromised (like transplant patients) or have other health problems (like heart complications or diabetics). Seniors and young children are more prone to this bacterium because their immune systems are usually not as good at fighting it. For some reason African Americans are more prone as well. The bacterium is spread by airborne droplets or direct exposure. People with healthy immune systems can be carriers and not have any symptoms. Symptoms of the strep pneumo bacteria are rapid fever onset, ear infections. shaking, flu-like chills, headache, shortness of breath, disorientation from hyper-ventililation, occasionally stiff neck, pneumonia. The treatment is antibiotics. After 48 hours of antibiotics it is no longer contagious. Probability of death is higher if under the age of 2. Humans are the only reservoir for these bacteria to grow so it is difficult to do research.
She also gave me a couple statistics about Davis County. Charlie is the 1st infant she has seen with this since she has been there (only a couple years). I don’t think I like being 1st anymore. So far this season there has been one other adolescent and several senior citizens. A few years ago Davis County had a severe season for streptococcus pneumoniae and had 8. Utah’s vaccinations that children receive at 2, 4 and 6 months only cover 7 of the 99 strains. The seven that are included are supposed to be the worst strains. Charlie’s sample was tested against the 7 that are covered in the vaccine and was found to be different then the seven. They will be able to do more extensive testing next week. There is also a vaccination that is given to adults or immunocompromised children (2 yrs and older) that covers 23 strains. I am told by another source that other states and countries have increased the amount of strains in their routine children’s vaccine to expand the range of protection.
Britt was the first to sign his letter to Cooper's new casts! Today has been pretty calm in Charlie's world. He woke up at 3:30 and started a small storm (HR only got up to 188). He was sweating so bad that his EKG lead came off but no fever. He recieved Clonadine at 4:00 and was back to sleep by 4:20.


Anonymous said...

Well I guess its good to get info. Hang in there Charlie, you're doing great. Not to mention absolutely adorable.

Marilee said...

Ahhh--input. Is good. So, Charlie was just sitting there minding his own business and this invader jumped him. It's nice to know the etiology of the disease, but I still hate it. Your precious child looks absolutley angelic.

Trish said...

Love those new boots! Does he have a cast on his L arm too? I also am happy to hear that it's been a relatively calm couple of days. It's hard at my new job to not be able to check in all day long. Love you all!

Roxey said...

Thanks for the info. Any new information is always helpful and useful. He looks so sweet (as I know he is!), and he wants mom to be able to go out with her groupie sometime soon (meaning he wants to come home). Even thought he's sweaty, I like that his face has some color in it. He just looks better. Love and prayers.

Roxey said...

One more was the day back at work? I hope you survived okay. That shows more strength than you know. You two are great parents.

Jay said...

looking good little guy it has been hard not to come see you for a few weeks but one of these days I will get better I will be right up. But according to the mom in ct or wherever we are all up there coughing all over you without a care in the world. sleep tight little guy.

Anonymous said...

Huge steps this week. Charlie is looking much more like himself again. What a joy and comfort that must be to you both to see things being getting under control. We all look forward to all of you getting back home. Love you all.


P.S. Is that "RED" on those boots?

Tina said...

Angel and Rob,
We wanted you to know that you have been in our prayers. I have loved hearing all the technical stuff. It was good to know more about the immunizations tonight as well. I asked Rob a bunch of questions when I went up with the young women.
He sure looks a lot better than he has. I am glad that the storms are not as frequent and don't seem to last for quite as long lately. I assume that is a good sign.
Feeding tubes are not bad at all. Rachel had a nissen and they had to stretch her opening into the small intestine...then she had an NG tube (naso gastro). Not fun, but I put it in more times than I can count! (Rob mentioned Charlies coming out...)

Charlie Cooper said...

Trish- No he doesn't have a cast on his left arm it is just covance (mix between and ace bandage and medical tape) He has been sweating so much with his storms that his IV dressing has started to come off so they have added the additional support. Our nurse also added it to his cast for a little color.

troy said...

Well tonight would be very depressiong, but one of my hero's was able to witness a big win over his arch rivals. He deserves every ounce of happiness that this could bring him. The cougars were impressive tonight. But not near as impressive as what I witness day in and day out, reading about Charlie Cooper! I cant wait to come see you guys in one more day!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the information you gave about the vaccines...I have a 5 mo. old, and didn't know any of this. Please keep us posted with further info. when you find out about Charlie's particular strain.
I don't know HOW you guys are so strong, and don't know how you are doing amaze me, inspire me, and give me strength to take what's thrown at us in this life. Thank you for this blog, and for allowing me and others to be a part of Charlie's little life.
He is so tender in these pictures...know that we are praying for his well-being and are remembering him in our hearts. Get some rest, and keep being strong. I loved the quote about the hero that was mentioned in an earlier post. THANK YOU!

Anonymous said...

We are praying for you as much today as we did on the first day at food time in morning and evening and in private. Keep your head up. God bless greg and family

Anonymous said...

wishing charlie cooper a restful night and sweet dreams in that tough little head of his

Anonymous said...

My addiction to this site and my concern over CCC, Rob and Angel's welfare..has forced me to spend 5 hours on the Electronic High School site to catch up with all my students. I don't know why I can't multi-task and do it while I am reading this site.. but alas.. I can't. So now it is 11:06 and I am just finishing up. So. my 866 students will be happy.

Things sound like they are going better, I hope that is the case. Charlie looks so cute in the pictures.. it is hard to believe he is ill. I guess the tubes should be my first clue... (ok, forgot I was smart... I've just proved that wrong... but, hey I am a BYU master's program grad.. I must be lacking something!)

Good game? Rob? Well folks... I love you and am still praying for you. You guys are still foremost in my thoughts.. if you don't believe that.. ask my 866 students that I have put on hold.

Have a peaceful night.. we are all still praying for you..

Love. JIll B