Saturday, February 23, 2008

I'm Baaaaaaack!

Work, Work, Work. I can’t tell you how glad I am to be back at the hospital after a few days of reality. I felt like a prisoner trying to adjust to the outside world after a lengthy sentence. The hardest thing for me to re-habituate was the understanding that once you leave the hospital, clocks start working again and the real world goes on whether you’re in it or not, it’s brutal. I thought I was going to be in town working local so that I could still come up here at nights but mother nature decided to slap Wells Nevada, and her houses of ill repute, in the face w/ a little earth shaker and we had to go. W/ any large quake trains stop and we have to inspect the entire railroad w/in a hundred miles so that any repairs can be made and trains can move thus keeping the shelves of Wal-Mart full and the consumer happy. All important stuff but it was way hard not to think about my little buddy Char the entire time. The other kick in the pants was that cell service in northeastern Nevada is well below average making updates for a paranoid father overly difficult.
Enough about work. Last night Angel and I got to go out another date, thanks to The Weed, Wuggs and Fish, and apart from having a great time w/ a scream’in hot wife and some stupid good food I realized that I wasn’t being a very good husband. Here’s my point, since Charlie got sick we’ve now been on as many dates in a little over three weeks as we had in a year or two prior. Sad I know, Charlie has taught me so much already and why not also throw in a lesson on lousy courtship just to show the old man how far he still has to go. Moral of the story, fellas, get out the house and date. You might just find out that you still like each other. My wife is great and all my sisters/mothers will attest how undeserving I am to be w/ her but I do love her and not just because she’s hot.
Charlie’s night wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great either. I think he is settling into a routine of sleep for a couple of hours, storm for a couple. Our good friend clonadine still seems to work best for him so they are looking into cutting his dose in half and giving it more frequently. I stayed up quite a bit last night just watching him and it’s amazing, when he’s asleep he looks just like a normal baby, not sick at all. I just hope that when he is asleep he doesn’t feel sick at all. We haven’t heard any results from last nights CT scan that was checking his Cochlea’s but didn’t expect to until the Rehab Doc’s come by today. Let’s hope they are soft, soft like Luke Neville (Sorry Landon I couldn’t resist).


Trish said...

Welcome back little brother! I'm glad that you are getting to enjoy your wonderful wife and that little Coop slept and had a relatively mellow night. How's Britt? Miss you all...

Anonymous said...

hey Rob

Nice to have you back. from what I have seen of the pictures it looks like a war zone in Wells.
I know that you have to be out of town next week, so if Angel would like I could come and sit with Charlie anytime so that she could get out and spend some time with brit, or just get out.
We love you guyes and still praying for Charlie. You still continue to amaze me and the strength and the faith that you and Angel show. Keep up the faith.

Love Rod & Deirdre

Anonymous said...

Sometimes God calms the storm.
Other times he lets the storm rage and calms the child.

You are an example to many.

Have faith, be believing, be cheerful, keep trying (GBH)

You CAN do this and so can CHARLIE

God Bless

Marilee said...

Rob, I think I saw your name on the scroll of one of the cable news channels. It said that railroad and other transportion officionl were inspecting all bridges after the Neveda/Utah earthquake. ahha says I-that is my lil nephew Rob.
Waiting for cochlea report---

Shani said...

While I was up there yesterday, and when I was looking through the pictures on your camara and there was some cool video of Charlie on there trying to crawl right before he got sick. I think you should post one of those videos on here so people can see how determined he is and so we can be reminded of what this sweet boy has the potential of!

Suz said...

I propose that the next CT/MRI be done on a Tuesday morning so that the weekend doesn't impede the delivery of results. All in favor........

Meghan said...


i'm glad your back, and sad you have to leave again.. oh, the jetset life you lead... i'm glad you got to go out - you need it more than us regular folk right now. generally, we know what day it is, and i know that is not the case when you live in a hospital. i'm glad char is getting some type of routine, all though i am not a fan of the storms. some work must be done on that. but at least you know what to expect from him sorta. i am crossing everything hard and praying harder that he's a candidate for the implants (as truley those implants would be life saving surgery ;)

i agree with shani about posting the cute crawly vid, but i assume its like 300MB. he is determined and he's going to do what he will. thats just all there is to it.