Monday, April 14, 2008

"Whistling Dixie"

I got called a southerner today! Driving back from Idaho to be with Charlie and spend the night at the hospital I stopped to top off the Hy-railer in Burley, Id. and the service station was full so I pulled up behind a car that was in mid-fill to wait my turn to over pay for fuel. I got out of the truck to stretch the legs and the AARP member at the pump glared at me and randomly spouted off with, “You southerners are all in such a blank blank hurry.” and that was it. Apparently I am unaware of some arcane rule of petroleum procurement that says it is improper to queue if pumps are all occupied… my bad. What I now know is that if no pump is available you should drive laps around town until a spot opens up as to not cause the current patrons to feel rushed in any way. Bear w/ me for a bit as I have some other issues with this exchange that I need to get off my chest and then we can get to the purpose of this post. At what point in our world did coming from Utah make us southerners? Admittedly, I love NASCAR, grits and firmly believe that if someone cuts you off in traffic and doesn’t give the little “sorry” wave you ought to be able to get into the back of’em, git’em loose, and put’em into the wall, but I am no southerner. Marilee, Gary, Chumney and Bruce no offense but I still have all my teeth, my family tree does fork and I have never been to Kentucky.
Here’s the point of the story. Today at that gas station I saw in myself actual evidence that Charlie has changed me. Before Charlie got sick I wasn’t really known for keeping things copasetic in situations where tact and patience was required and I probably would have humored myself w/ a snide comment in reply or some other measure of antagonism in attempt to berate this ornery man. But instead I just smiled and thought to myself that stupid crap like that is so paltry in the grand scheme of prudent priorities that it shouldn’t even warrant a response. You always hear the cliché “don’t sweat the small stuff” but for the first time in my meager existence I get it. Charlie has changed me. I’ve got a new priority set and if you don’t believe me just ask Angel, I did a batch of laundry the other day. I read daily comments from you all about how my little boy has changed/affected your lives and I’m somewhat ashamed to admit that it took this long for me to realize that he got me too.
I probably should apologize to any members of the Gem State that I may have offended in this post and maybe you too think that I am a southerner but let it be known that I love your State and would consider it a privilege to call it home.

Charlie Update: “Finally” you all are saying. He’s slept ok tonight but its all clonadine induced. Other than that he’s pretty fired up when he’s been awake today. I’ll miss him again since I head to Wyoming in the morning but it has been great to be here tonight. He really is a special little southerner. Randa, a RN here and a surrogate grandma to Charlie persuaded the Doc’s to change his formula back to what he was on before we started having the feeding issues so who knows maybe he’ll take to it a little easier?.

Angel told me about some visitors from Summit County we had this weekend and I am blown away at how wonderful people truly are. Complete strangers yet so generous. Thank you so much, I don’t really know what to say, and that rarely happens. I just hope that I get the chance to influence a family someday in the way you have influenced ours. Thank you for being so thoughtful.

Here's a few pics from the day.


Anonymous said...

Your little boy is so beautiful! I love coming to work and checking on him everyday. Rob, these special children do make us see what is important in life. So what if you have to wait in line, is is so hard to smile at people, no, you know lifes hills and vales and you definatly have been on the ride of your life. You guys keep pedaling and keep your most wonderful spirit.

Anonymous said...

You are already a big influence to many people. You and Angel are showing everyone that reads your blog what it means to have faith and the will never to give up no matter how rocky the road gets. That has been passed on to Charlie cause he is such a fighter. Your boys are very lucky to have been born into such a great family. Its amazing to me that your whole family is there to help in anyway from "bum patting" to helping through a bad storm. I don't know any of you but I check this blog several time a day and I feel it an honor that your sharing you story. God bless you all. Sending Prayers, hugs and "bum patting" from Missouri

Meghan said...

so, what if I have visited kentucky. it's a lovely place.

Anonymous said...

So...if you are able to play a little ball this summer am I safe to assume that you and the ump will have no words?


Shani said...

FYI, before you start knocking Kentucky Robbo, here are a couple "Gee Wiz" facts I thought you might want to stick in your pipe.

1. This commonwealth state is usually considered part of the midwest both in terms of geography and culture.

2. Although it is home to the highest per capita number of deer and turkeys, it is also home to some of the greatest bluegrass music, college basketball teams and thoroughbred horses.

3. The best selling car in the United States, the Toyota Camry, is manufactured in Georgetown, Kentucky.

4. Kentucky ranks 5th nationally in goat farming, 8th in beef cattle production, and 14th in corn production.

5. Kentucky Derby. World renowned horse race. Need I say more?

6. Although their official state dance is clogging, their official state fish is the Kentucky spotted bass, and anyone who knows you, knows that you once had a "fishing phase" and you probably would have been slightly turned on by this fish.

For more information on this state, you can find more facts on Wikipedia which is where I plagerized each and every one of the above facts.

Jada Rose said...
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The Woolstenhulme Family said...

I promise that the influence and the impact you have left on my life is much larger than I could have ever done for you. I hope we can stay in contact and that you will continue to change my life. If you are ever in Oakley look us up. It is a beautiful place up here. Also keep me posted on little Britton's treat! I hope you will be able to go home soon. Have a great day and thanks a bunch.
Love the Woolstenhulme Family

Tammy said...

Keep up the good work. Love the updates. We love Charlie and have him in our prayers and thoughts every day.

Jada Rose said...

Quite the epiphanous experience Rob! This caused me to reflect on some of your past opportunities to exact self mastery through either anger management, boyhood banter, or beguilement on the part of myself or others.

I'm left pondering where this moment of self realization will rank among the other epiphanies throughout your life? I have named a few as they came to mind for our own retrospection, as well enlightening others to your progression!

* Holding a chair high above your head with intent to strike your opponent after a 4th and goal in Madden 94?

* Pinning Joel Richard Taylor against his garage door by a 1/2 ton truck in a moment of self sacrifice?

* Clinching your fists in to abstain from pummeling a reptilian "heckler" known as nucky after the 2004 byu/Utah game?

* Falling 20 feet from a faulty contraption to have your leg fractured, then feeling no sympathy from the witness as he shoves you into a dark secluded area where no one can see you writhe in pain so as to prevent parental punishment and further "Zip Line Anathema".

* Witnessing the awful face of cruelty as only exhibited by a paper-boy's bombardment of endless ammunition toward your beloved pet?

* Being summoned to the bottom of a closed run minus one ski by an unsympathetic ski patrol, only to have him strip you of your then useless pass with a pair of wire cutters?

* Returning home from work to find the confetti that was once your A-2000 softball glove, and a plump Beagle smiling back at you?

* And who can forget The Once Heralded Lake Powell Trip, obliterated by an older sister who falsified sensitive information rendering the accused individual incapacitated by his own anger, and forcibly inserting his fist through the bedroom door of the Presiding Matriarch?

Love Ya Man!
Hurry and get back to your Beautiful wife, and Cute Boys!

COOP, Keep up the Good WORK! YOUR AWESOME!

Suz said...

Alright Troy.......which elder sister falsifying info do you speak of?

Rob.....not all of us have our original teeth and we are fine with that!

Shani....not one bit surprised that you were able to come to the defense of an entire state.

Roxey said...

You're the best Rob! Well, next to Angel ;) Love and prayers for a calmer day, and safe trip for you!

seanteyatroy said...

So, am I the only idiot who isn't able to click on the 5K link to sign up for this race? I want to might be more of a 'roll', but I cant' find a link, and I can't read the small writing on the icon thingy.....HELP!?

seanteyatroy said...

Nevermind....I just found it...when all else fails, click everthing and try reading....sorry...

Grams said...
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Marilee said...

Rob, not only do I presently live in the south I was born in the south---southern Utah;home of the great patriarch of this family. Now that is southern.
Regarding your awakining, been there, done that. It is amazing how one's outlook changes when you are faced with biting into a sh-- sandwich. Suddenly baloney looks pretty good. A friend of mine once said "be kind, for everyone you meet is enduring a mighty struggle". Even reading the comments here from anonymous posters, you find others who are experiencing struggle in their own lives and find comfort and can identify with your struggle.
Just let me say, I am proud of my little (?)nephew and his wife.

Jada Rose said...


Not to worry it wasn't you. I wont name any names because I'm not that kind of guy. Confidentiality is paramount with me...Besides Erin and I have made our peace over that and all other issues surrounding those turbulent years! Love ya Erin! ;)

Anonymous said...

Rob: gettin' stranded in the mountains with Chad?

Rob: putting your mom's school in jeopardy during a family party?

I am glad you have seen the error of yor ways. But, as an elder sibling to your "partner in crime".. I would suggest that you appreciate not only the fact that you have lived through these events ... as well as stayed out of jail (I do know a bondsman who would like to be on your speed dial).

Marilee, I asked someone recently what they thought of the presidential race as it now stands and I am afraid that if I printed the comment the FBI would be parked on my doorway.. The speaker was from the South....

Bless you Charlie, this is an interesting and never dull family. I am happy there is someone to pull us all back to reality and the real purpose in life.

Jill B

whitney said...

Nice insight Rob, totally out of character, but nice. BJ, I don't think he has come that far but who knows. Troy, impressive memory - is it all true?
I'm married to a Southerner and although they are a different breed and although there are some dental issues, he's made the cut into ... if we aren't Northerners and we aren't Southerners, what are we?
Hooray for nice people and hooray for Super Coop!

La madre said...

Rob - Did you ever get visited by some coach who likes blue or something lame like that? Glad to see the bright red U in the pix!

Glad to know your precious boy is making progress. How are ma, pa, and big bro BrittBubba doin' back in the trailer park?

--Monique (friend of Susan's)

Jada Rose said...

Whit, every ounce of it is true. AND I COULD HAVE GONE ON FOR HOURS! Ahhh the stories I will have to tell Britty and Coop...

Meghan said...

troy. i must put a moratorium on the stories to brit. he interacts with my son and i want them to have a chance....

erin said...

Troy... way to slaughter my fine reputation! Just kidding- I am very glad I was only mentioned once in your "Ode to Rob's Disposition". We all know I did more than my share of tickin' him off in our younger years.