Sunday, April 13, 2008

not much to say

Well this is for all of you who say write anything even if there is nothing to write about. Coop had a pretty good night he woke up about 0130 so jenny changed his diaper and dressings gave some meds and changed a diaper and that must have done the trick because aside from a few little cry’s he sleep till five and after some meds he was back to sleep till about 0800 and is now getting his morning work over. Then I think some rocking and bum patting will be in order till his momma gets here.

And again we need shirt sizes and also we would like know names to go along with them so see the running for coop post for the email address thanks.- Uncle Jared


Anonymous said...

I check the blog every morning and throughout the day so I love to hear that everything is OK. It's just nice to know how things are going. Glad the night was pretty good. I hope today is productive and calm for everyone.

Anonymous said...

So are they still talking about sending Char home soon and if so have they talked about the vision screening at all?

Hopefully he can make it home for his Bday but either way I am sure he will have a great one surrounded by all the people that love him!

Anonymous said...

I haven't been able to get my daily "charlie fix" week and am so amazed at his progress. From an outsiders view, he is doing great, and I can see a big differenc in his eyes in the last group of pics.

Just have to share a little story with 2 year old daughter has been very ill this week (thus the no charlie fix), and has been really fussy. (to make a long story a little shorter...she has developed a swollen liver and very high liver enzymes, either due to a virus or damage from an antibiotic, still not sure on the exact cause). I had been reading about the "Charlie bum pat" and thought...hey why not, maybe it will work even though she is 2. Sooooo I held her in my arms and did the bum pat and she settled down and fell asleep within a 1/2 hour. Thanks for sharing your bum pat stories, they helped us get a very sick little girl to settle and sleep for a while.

You don't know me, but I have been following Charlie's story, and I agree with so many others, your family is an inspiration for us all. Having Charlie be so sick is awful, but God has used this situation for good (as he does with so many awful situations) and he has been an inspiration for people across this country, those who know you and those of us who don't.

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful baby boy with us.

With warm thoughts, from one of many praying in Erie, PA.

Roxey said...

thanks for the update! I just emailed Susan....Love and prayers!

Kristin said...

Okay, so I'm clueless... haven't been current enough on reading the posts apparently... tell me about this 5k run.