Sunday, April 13, 2008

It works!

The "bum pat" ---- it really does work. I spent time Friday night, Saturday morning and this afternoon perfecting my technique. You must pat rather fast and with quite a bit of pressure - wimpy pats don't do the trick. You also must pat his bum - patting on his leg, back or side doesn't work either. He also likes to be on his side, held kind of tight to you while being patted. Caution: no patting with cold hands - he really hates that! When he is sleepy, this technique puts him right to sleep. If he is a little fussy, it calms him and he looks at you with his big beautiful eyes. When he gets aggitated, the patting isn't as effective. However, it will shorten the stiffening, crying cycle. The patter must be in pretty good shape. All kinds of body parts fall asleep, i.e., arm, shoulder, leg, back and bum. Also puts stress on arthritic body parts, i.e., fingers, wrists, shoulders, elbows, etc. It feels so good to be doing something and knowing that you are comforting this precious baby is worth it all. I love him so much! G-ma Cheryl


whitney said...

This is so funny! Those are great tips Cheryl. Everybody start excercising those muscles so that you can maintain perfect patting technique.

Kiplyn said...

I agree with my Aunt Cheryl that the bum pat works!! Have a great day

Meghan said...

mama, have you tried to put a pillow underneath arm opposite patting arm? I found that lessend the falling alseep... i also noticed that with recurring use you might get carpel tunnel on the patting arm... watch out for that workmans comp rob & ang.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad G'ma Cheryl has perfected the bum pat! I know she is an amazing woman and now she can add excellent bum patter to her resume'!
Praying for a calm night.

Anonymous said...

Meghan, with twins... I am sure the "bum pat" and pillow usage is your only salvation.

Cheryl, you are the best and Charlie, we love you.
Jill B

Roxey said...

Hooray for bum pats!! Love and prayers for a good night and for a good words from the GI doc!