Monday, April 7, 2008

Toughing it out

Charlie had a pretty mild evening except for one little tantrum. He recieved his Clonidine at midnight and he was out for the long haul. Around 4:30 he decided that he deserved more Clonidine, but the nurse disagreed which prompted him to throw a tantrum. We had a little heart to heart with Charlie and he decided to tough it out without Ativan until 6:00(the nurse didn't want to bottom out his pressure with the Ativan making it so he would miss his Clonidine which is his fav). He toughed it out and made it! What a rockstar! His tired body along with the meds made him fall asleep almost instantly. And that is where we are now.
It is 8:30, and so far he has had his morning meds, a significant repositioning of his body, vitals taken, all his splints put on, and a visit from the doctor. And he is still sleeping the morning away with perfect SATs and pulse of 90! Yahoo! The doctor says that she would like to start him back on his 50/50 feeds and get the IV out as soon as possible because he did awesome on his diaper output last night. As soon as Charlie wakes up I plan on telling him this good news as he is bound to be excited. Also, the doctor will be allowing him to recieve his Clonidine at 5:00 instead of 6:00 if he gets as agitated as he did last night. Even though the goal is for him to be med free from 1200-600 a.m., she says it defeats the purpose of his mommy and daddy getting sleep if he is having a tantrum for an hour before his meds. I will not be telling Charlie this news as I know it will make him straight giddy and potentially have him try to manipulate the system. If the little man knows that he will get his meds early if he fusses, he may start trying to stick it to the man and work on getting them at 4:00.
Anyway, that was our evening! I hope to be able to hang out with Jack Jack for many evenings to come but at his house instead. I told him that I need to be able to sneak down to the kitchen for a snack and the rainbow cafe is just way too fickle with their hours. Charlie knows how I get when I'm hungry! Love you sweet baby! -Shani


Roxey said...

Thanks for the update...Love and prayers

Anonymous said...

...still praying. I hope Charlie has a calm day.