Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sleepy Charlie

Well, the over-zealous blogger is in charge tonight, and just as I suspected, he is chillin like a villian(a.k.a. zonked out, sleeping like a baby, sawing logs, etc.). Although I hope he stays relaxed and mellow all night, I am set to go with chocolate pie, a novel and ready arms to hold him, and of course....good old reliable caffeine. Sorry mom. I promise I am working on this addiction contrary to popular belief. Anywhoo, I am ready to update everyone with every little peep he makes. If he makes one. Pray for a break for his little body. According to grandma Kathi he had a bit of a rough day! -Shani

1 comment:

linds said...

nice work shani, sounds like your armed and ready. we will pray for a peaceful night.