Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Today's Adventures :)

Meggie giving some snuggles even though he was still stinky from surgery
Nurse Becca cleaning off his face
Workin' out with Janine. He was so sleepy today that she did a lot of stretching

Mad Face
Zen state
Super staff at PCMC-Xochitl, Melanie, Nicole, Kelli Amy and Cherie
Doug Wright from KSL delivered Charlie a stuffed moose from the telethon-donated by the Ken Macey family and Leslie Covington-Taft.
It's difficult to tell from this picture but the left side of Charlie's head is swollen towards the back. He is on his back due to the g-tube so the swelling from surgery is pooling in the back of his head. He also pulls his head towards the right side ever since the shunt was inserted so he may be getting a flat head on that side too. The bump on the top right is his shunt.
To help the swelling go down Rob and I have tried to hold Coop sitting upright and are now going to force him to turn his head to the left.
Rob teaching Coop the ins and outs of video games. You can tell Coop is really into it.
Tonight Uncle Jared will be on night duty to make sure Charlie behaves himself.


Meghan said...

holy moly! is anyone as star struck by doug wright as i am? am i the only talk radio listener (under 30!)? i came at the wrong time i guess - what a bummer. pretty cool that he delivered in person...
but it was my best day to get to hold him for the first time since january 25th. i love his spirit.
glad he had a productive pt sesh today.

whitney said...

I just love his face - all of them. What a sweet baby, I want to just hug him. Meg, he is totally snuggling you!
Are they worried about the swelling? Is everything else looking good after the surgery?

whitney said...

Meg, we must have commented at the same time. I must admit, I love Doug Wright, but I am over 30. Have a good sleep Coop.

Jolene said...

Awesome pictures! I'm glad you are able to hold him so much. Does he get upset when he is being held? I'm so thankful everything yesterday went so well. Keep fighting Charlie. We are all so proud.

Anonymous said...

Oh my fetch, I just wrote a beautiful blog and deleted it.
Summary: way to go Doug Wright.

Legend: we have all sought to make our place in life and some of us have spent decades and have not made the impression little Coop has.

Pray for the little girl from South Salt Lake.

Jared: Jace is up all nite, if you need someone to chat with.

Rob and Angel: Love you, sleep well
You are the best!

Love, Jill B

Suz said...

I also love Doug Wright....and I am barely over 30. So glad that Super Cooper was calm today and got some good stretching in. I also hope he has a great big poop for Uncle Jared tonight. I am pretty sure Big Jare has not ever been involved in a dirty diaper for any of the kiddos!

becca said...

You have such a beautiful little boy! We have been looking at your blog and we are so happy he is making such great progress. You don't know us, but we have been keeping your little charlie and family in our thoughts and prayers. You guys are such an inspiration to us. We pray things continue to get better every day.

The Thompson Family

Anonymous said...

do u know by now if charlie can see?

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting all of the pictures! He is so cute and such an angel it makes me get choked up. What a sweetie. I love the mad face. :)
Prayers and love from NC

Roxey said...

I love your haircut, Ang!! I can't wait to hold Coop! Love and prayers,

Tammy said...

Those are great pictures of him. I love his mad face.

I am not yet 30 (just until May) and I love Doug Wright and I have for years. It drives my husband insane that I like talk radio. He just doesn't understand. I don't get KSL here so I either turn on my computer or I have found that I can download his show in podcast and I listen to it there. I have to have my fix everyday.

Keep up the good work mom and dad!

linds said...

who is this doug wright? yep, i am under 30. way to go with the stretching charlie cooper!

Anonymous said...

Oh what a sweetie. He is so beautiful and such a fighter. He is going to surprise everyone, I can feel it. I will continue to pray for continued recovery. Angie and Rob hang in there. It gets much better. Brit, you are a good big brother and are going to be a fabulous teacher for your little brother.