Friday, April 4, 2008

Picture Update.

Today has been completly void of any news so it's pictures you get. For those of you who like to know more trivial details we can do this quick. Bath before bed, slept really good. At least I'm told he slept good, I was out all night as well. Woke up at 0600 and stayed mad until 1300. One event of some overly foul elimination, dad to the rescue. Therapy w/ Neale and new boots compliments of Janine. Sleeping quite well right now however food has yet to find a welcome place in Char's world. Venting q2 w/ mixed results.
In the Tube showing dad how he can sleep through therapy.
No he's not crawling, but if he was how cool would that be?
Neale (OT) leting the funk zone under his chin dry out.
Wide awake and calm in the tub.
Stef providing superb care at the bedside.
A mom and her boyz.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Love the WIDE open eyes, they look so great, much better that even a few weeks ago. Way to go Charlie!!!!!!!

Meghan said...

thats what i wanted. thanks. ooh, i am familiar with the funk zone, and when he comes home i should teach you of some others i have discovered lately.

calvintheJRT said...

how good is charlie's eye sight?

Anonymous said...

I know that things are going crazy for you and your family right now but I have left you an email. I am just hoping you could read it when you get a chance. Thanks.

whitney said...

Char has really good form for when he is ready to start crawling again! His eyes look great. I can't believe what a Barlow Britt is, handsome guy. Is Char arching in that second to last pic or is it just the angle?

Charlie Cooper said...

Answers: Don't know how good his eyesight is if any. He has to be more coherent and cooperative before any testing can be done. Yes he is arching in the pic. When agitated he tends to still get pretty stiff, when alseep however, floppy as a noddle.

linds said...

oh i love a good picture post. love the bathtub pic. what a sweet boy.

Jay said...

Miss you little guy sleep good for dad tonight.

Anonymous said...

I miss you little Char. First day in weeks that I haven't had my Charlie fix. I'm grateful to see such a delightful variety of pictures. Thanks Rob.
Hope you both have a good night with sweet dreams.
Love you!
G-ma Cheryl

Anonymous said...

I had my Charlie fix. He is truly one of the most BEAUTIFUL babies I have ever seen. He also has the most BEAUTIFUL parents and brother to go along with the set.

Briton is about the cutest big brother I have ever seen (and I have 4 of those). Angel, for those of you who haven't seen, has the coolest haircut EVER! Even Rob says his gorgeous wife is even more so.. Rob, how did you land her?

Well, I know now how you did... you are the dad of the century.

You guys are so incredibly inspiring.
Love you, Jill B

PS, Viv counts this as one of the best days of her year...seeing little Coop in his gym!

Anonymous said...

Charlie looks GREAT in the picture of him in the tub...he looks like he is making wonderful improvements....what a sweet little baby!