Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Last Night at PCMC :)

Well, as I sit in the hospital for the final night I have a bitter sweet feeling. I don’t think it has hit me that we are actually leaving. My car only knows how to get to the hospital and home anymore. We have been looking forward to this day since we came into the hospital and now I hate to leave even though I have been well prepared. It’s like the training wheels have been taken off and we are now supposed to ride by ourselves. The freedom will be great but I liked the reassurance of something to fall back on.

I have been a little crazy lately with getting all of the last minute things figured out for our return home so I haven’t posted much (or returned phone calls- sorry everyone), but not much has happened with Coop either. He has been pretty well behaved today and even slept through his bath. He has had a lot of his new friends stop by for some last goodbyes. Everyone is so sweet! I feel such a strong bond with the people here because they have helped Charlie get better and I can feel the love they have for him.

To everyone involved in Charlie’s care at PCMC. THANK YOU!!! And WE LOVE YOU!


Anonymous said...

Your family has touched my heart in so many ways. We have been praying for you and pulling for you!! Congrats on leaving the hospital :) Your family is so strong, and even though I have not met your little boy, I can feel his sweet spirit.

Ginny said...

I can't even imagine the mix of emotions!! Good luck with the transition! We are thrilled he is well enough to go home and look forward to his continued progress!!!

Tammy said...

Beautiful post. You are doing a great job and you will be so thrilled to be home. Everyday will bring something new. Enjoy the small things and celebrate the things that are even smaller. Little itsy, bitsy baby steps is what it take.