Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It Won't Hurt You.

I’ve been ordered/asked nicely to post on the blog a short reminder about the Brain Injury 5k run, walk, roll this Saturday at Liberty Park.  So here it is.

*DISCLAIMER* - the following will likely be dripping with sarcasm, cynicism and a modicum of derision.


Get off your lazy cans and try rolling your sorry sack out’the bed early enough this Saturday so that you can get to Liberty park in time for 15th (or so) annual BIAU 5K Run, Walk, Roll.  It kicks off at 0800 (I think) and I know there are plenty of you out there that don’t even know what the day looks like at 8 am so this will be especially neat for you.  Now lets be honest here.  Very few of you have the fit/trim athletic build that I’m blessed with so this won’t hurt you.  Calories might just get burnt, you might even sweat.  And if you can somehow motivate yourself to keep going after the first 10 feet, when your heart already feels like it’s going to explode, you might even finish.  Or you might not.  Then you’ll just have to accept the fact that your best effort just wasn’t good enough.

*DISCLAIMER* - the previous reminder had to be cut short before any more of you learned just what a ___________ (insert explicative) I am.  Why is it that being negative comes so easy to me???  Bitterness + Negativity - Anything Constructive = Rob

In all reality and truth, we are very excited for the race this year.  We know that it would be unrealistic to have the turnout that we did for last years race but we hope that all of you will make a concerted effort to attend and help a cause that is very important to us.  This year we won’t have T-Shirts but one of my sisters (thanks Errrn) rounded up bandannas so that those of you who are coming to support Charlie can have a way of showing it.  I’m told that I’ll have them with me and Char before the race so come and find us.  And just a thought, you could always wear your Charlie shirt from last year?!? Also, we’d like to get another picture this year and in an attempt to actually start when we’re supposed to I’ve been told that we’ll take that pic at the finish line.  (Although it was cool that there were so many of Charlie’s peeps that there wasn’t really any point in starting the race until he was good and ready!)  That way we can have photographic evidence of the lather that you either did or didn’t work up.  If you look great in a post race pic we’ll know that you are lazy and didn’t run or there is a rare chance that you share the same perfect genes as me and you can run for days, not sweat and never get your heart rate above 50 bpm.  For an elite few of us having 4% body fat is the cross we have to bear.

SEE YOU THERE!!!  You've now been REMINDED.


Amy said...

I was planning on coming, but I now unfortunately will not be able to! But I will most certainly be there next year!

Through the Looking Glass said...

It's my daughter's bday party that morning, so we'll miss it, but we'll see you later that day! Love you all.

Randi said...

See Ya There :-)

Meghan said...

you might be right about the 4% bodyfat... in your right hand. otherwise, you might have the equation a little backward.

also peeps, don't forget to bring some $$ to buy tickets for the drawing. super great prizes. or don't, and i will win the roundtrip airline tickets... (sorry about the sales pitch - the committee member in me came out for a sec.).

Anonymous said...

We are excited to be there! what color are the bandanas? I would like to find some at a store to wear since my daughter and I signed up wrong. :(


Suz said...

Connie.........we had them add you and your daughter to the team so we ordered a bandana for you!

Trish and John said...

Rob, 4% body fat is a little bit of a stretch, I know there is more in places other than your chin.... :-)
Love you all, will miss being there with you!

Anonymous said...

thanks for putting us on Charlies team!

Kristin said...

I was going to write... "wish I was there", but the truth is I wish I was in the picture so that it looked like I was there! Sorry! I'd say there's an 85% chance I'll be there next year. :o)

JenSav said...

I'll be thinking of all you amazing people as I can't make the trek from Illinois . . . . Lots of love!