Sunday, June 1, 2008

Just a Few Pictures :-)

Here are some random pics from this past week that you might enjoy and maybe even find yourself in.

Foxey Roxey and her Mamma.

The SUPER NICE Person... thanks again Ginny!

Roxanne, one of Char's new therapists

Charlie not really loving his therapy

Jada Rose's momma, Andrea
Uncle Troy telling Charlie stories about his dad that aren't even close to being true!

Here's a shirt he got from the "Oh my GOSH those girls are hot!" Birrell girls.


The Gine's family w/ Dr. Terry and crew


Meghan said...

wow. it was like a gines family reunion... so that's what you have to do to get them out... love the therapy pics - keep them coming!

Anonymous said...

Roxanne Rocks! she rocks! she rocks! she rocks. We have been seeing Roxanne since January 2008. My little girl has made AWESOME improvement. She is an amazing woman. Charlie will love her and she will love him too. We are so lucky to have Occupational Therapist in this day and age. Our children are better, because of them.
Roxanne we love you. Charlie keep plugging along. We love you!

Bountiful Family

Roxey said...

love the pics and that's good news about Roxanne! :)

Katie Williams said...

Love the picutes!! And not just becuase i was in them!! It's good to see charlie!

Kristin said...

Great pics... I especially love the first one! He just looks so peaceful and calm... and so much like a little boy!

pirate ride said...

He look's like such a STUD in that Lock up your daughter T-Shirt! I love it.

Kelli and Jeremy Whitney said...

I loved holding sweet Charlie! Thanks for letting us visit! Love you guys!

Jada Rose said...

Oh those stories are true Charlie. If you only knew how true they are!

Jolene said...

Is that Roxann Beauregard? I grew up teasing her. She is great. Tell her Hi from me.

Anonymous said...

love the pictures of cute charlie and company! how blessed you are to have so many loved ones around you and your family! charlie is a lucky boy :)