Sunday, May 4, 2008

SUPER B-day Bash :)

So after a week of hanging out in exotic locals i.e. Blackfoot, Dubois, Dillon, Navy and Montpelier I was quite excited to return home and see how the new life of having a chronically ill child would be. I missed my boys and the smok’in hot mom that takes care of them. Charlie is in great shape, considering, and Angel reeks of brilliance. You’d never guess that she was the one that was hesitant while still at PCMC to bring Char home. She has this whole 24/7 care stuff down pat, charts and lists and alarms and schedules and all without any apparent twist in the knickers. I had both boys Saturday morning for a few hours, ALONE, and long story short it went off like a fart in church. I don’t know how she does it or how any of these rare breed of mothers in similar care situations do it for that matter.
I didn’t think that I’d be the one to say this but I miss the folks at NTU. Not merely for the top notch care that we received but also the friends we made. I know some of you up there are blogstalkers so when you read this spread the word that Charlie’s dad said thanks and he was totally bummed that he couldn’t be there to say good bye in person this last week but somebody had to go to work in order to pay their salaries. No work = no insurance and well we know that that dog just won’t hunt. By the way, tell Judy and Dear Joe that you all need raises, big ones, except Dave and in that case his tech should get double. We know who does the heavy lifting. Now if you are at work, get off the computer and go save lives.
Now that things are getting settled here’s the word according to Rob on why it sucks to have a kid in the hospital.

1. Duh! Your kids in the hospital.
2. Driving back and forth from home to hospital and vice versa.
3. Rainbow Café.
4. IHC cable tv.
5. Having to bug Ramon for slushies.
6. Naugahide couch/bed’s.
7. Duzy’s sense of humor.
8. Battery Boy being clueless.
9. Randa doesn’t work every day.
10. Neale and Janine only come once a day and think they need weekends off.
It would only be prudent to also include an itemization of positives since returning home as far as I have deduced them.
1. Duh! Your kids not in the hospital.
2. Sleeping in your own bed, next to a super hot lady.
3. Don’t have to worry about where Britton is all the time.
4. It smells way better here.
5. No more Nauga’s will die for our comfort.
6. You can see outside.
7. It doesn’t take ½ hour to park.
8. Unbelievable acts of kindness from strangers.
9. Charlie not getting bugged every 2 hours for vitals and random checks.
10. It’s about 3000% cheaper to be home.

Last night the Christensen house was bumpin for Char’s birthday party and I’d like to kindly thank the neighbors for not alerting the authorities when things got out of hand and the techno got too loud. We had a great time even if it was just our small mild mannered family that thrives on respectability and tact. Charlie got a whole new wardrobe, all of which is very G-tube friendly. You see our little man isn’t so little any more and whilst in the hospital he has skipped a size so he was looking a little homeless for a bit but no more. All new duds that I’m sure over time you will be privy to through upcoming pictures. Angel had the party all Super Man themed and a huge cake with the Super Man logo and it said “Happy Birthday Super Cooper.” He slept through most of the party due to some professional bum patting. The whole fam is getting rather proficient w/ the old booty slap leading me to believe that some may have some prior experience. Anyone willing to fess up?
Here’s some pic’s I am keenly aware that you’d rather see them than continue to read my uneducated blather.

Family Picture

Clark Kent and Superman or RyRy and Britt

Getting his 8:00 Meds
Everyone got birthday cake except the birthday boy. He had delicious meds.

Aunt Susie


StakerSensations said...

your house is beautiful, I love rob's posts...and angel you are amazing! I don't know how you do it...I have a hard time with my three boys and none of them are as special and need such care as your darling charlie...

Anonymous said...

I am so happy you are home, and that you continue to post on the blog. I don't know what I'd read online if you didn't! Happy Birthday Charlie!!!

Tammy said...

I am bawling. I am so glad that he is home. It reminds of times with Kayden. He didn't eat birthday cake at the age of 3! He liked the frosting off of his sisters this last month so we still have a ways until we get the cake in his mouth. I am so glad that Charlie is home and that things are going well. I am sure that each day brings a new adventure. Happy Birthday and here's to many more to come!

Anonymous said...

So Dave and I just pulled up the blog to see what was up before we left work tonight and he was laughing so hard :-) He followed directions and is now back saving lives. It's so hard to keep him in line without Rob here :-) It's so good to see you all at home!
randi and dave

Trish said...

What a fantastic party it appears to have been! I can attest that when I called it was super loud in the background. :-)
Can't wait to see you all this week for a few days!

Suz said...

So my favorite thing about the family photo (besides the fact you are all in the same house) is that Rob is FINALLY sans his ever changing bizarre patterns of facial hair. Coop was a fantastic host last night. While we were rocking and patting, he told me that he really likes to wear clothes. I told him that I couldn't agree more!

Anonymous said...

You all look so incredibly happy! What wonderful pictures! You have made my day! I cannot imagine the relief and yes, I'm sure there is a lot of anxiety too. I love Rob's posts and I am so glad he is home. Angel, please take care of yourself too. I know that your family will do all they can to help and support you. You are an inspirational woman with an amazing family. I will continue to pray for you constantly. Thanks for keeping us all posted and for allowing us a glimpse into your lives.

Marilee said...

Day-um, it sure looks like a rockin party. So, was the noise from the live band or a spinnin DJ (rock, techno, hip-hop, pop, what?) or just the usual familiy noises. I suspect the latter, but it's all good. Welcome Home and Happy BD to the Coop.
(It doesn't look like there was a problem finding someone to hold him--lucky guy.)

Anonymous said...

I recognize the red syringe of phenobarb that we had to give to our head-trauma kiddo for a few years! Funny, it's been 9 years and I recognized it right away!

You guys are doing great. Your blog brings back a lot of memories for us. We wish you the best.

Roxey said...

loved the pictures and you couldn't have come up with a more appropriate theme! I love you guys! Rox (and still lots of prayers :) )

Kelly said...

Happy B-day Coop! I'm so glad to see you are home and comfortable! All the family looks comfy with the bum pat. I don't expect anyone to not have the right touch in that aspect. I thought we could hear the party down here in San Antonio, but that just may have been the Spurs game. They sure do get rowdy here for sports.

Love to all in Utah! Can't wait to meet you, Coop! Loved seeing your pictures! Can't wait to see more.

corrychronicles said...

Congrats on the big shin dig. It looks like you guys are so happy to be home, as you should be. I hope all continues to go well. We think about you often and hope Charlie will continue to thrive.
MaryJean (Gillespie) Corry

Meghan said...

it was a great party - ang you amaze me (party favors.. are you kidding me?) so good to have a family party with coop again. it has been too weird without him for months. and about the bum pat - we all know jay is the best at it... (i repeat, bowmchickabowwow...)

whitney said...

I love seeing him clothes, with family surrounding, no one standing on linoleum, family surrounding, he looks so at home. Rob I love that you joined in the festivities by matching your shirt to the cake - so awesome. Ang, did you really do party favors? Was the Super Cooper doll in attendance? He hates to miss parties. I'm sure that Coop was rockin' out - Happy Birthday sweet boy.

Anonymous said...

Rob...I don't know you and your family but I check your blog everyday just to see how your family is doing and of course to hear how Charlie is doing as well. I live in southern CA and heard about your precious boy from a friend of mine who lives in Utah. Charlie's story just touched my heart in more ways than you can imagine and has enriched my life more than words can explain. I enjoy his blog especially todays post because you are finally home with your sweet boy and able to celebrate his 1st Bday! You have a beautiful family and your family especially Charlie will always be in our prayers. He looks adorable and so does your son. Look forward to hearing more about Charlies progress. God Bless and thanks for sharing your lives with us, the Paddock Family from Redondo Beach, CA.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Superman. Looks like your family treated you very well. Continue to improve and find your new "normal." You have sweet parents who have thoughtfully shared your story and strength with all of us. We will continue to pray for you. Happy
1st bday!

Anonymous said...

I like so many others read Charlie's blog everyday. Rob and Angel, you both are amazing. I am so happy that Charlie is home. What a beautiful family you have. Happy Birthday Charlie! Our prayers are always with you and your family. Thanks for sharing your lives with us.

Jada Rose said...

Its good to have ya back Raaab! Happy Birthday Coop!

Ginny said...

Angel, I can hardly find the energy to put on a semi-themed party for my 7 year old! You truly amaze me!! I was in awe when I saw the pics yesterday, but when Meghan mentioned party favors I was moved to comment again on how amazing you really are. I am so impressed with the strength and grace you manage to find. Keep up the good work!!! You are teaching many of us through your example!

Anonymous said...

Glad you all had a rocking party!!Happy Birthday,Charlie!Shyla

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Charlie!!! WE miss having you, and yes rob, we miss you too. ( and Angel of course) Those pictures are so cute,Charlie looks awesome. From your friends, Nicole, Becca, and Heidi from the Ntu :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Cooper! All of us who know you from work, Angel, have seen your amazing abilities in action many times---so I'm not suprised that you pulled off an awesome b-day party with party favors! My boys saw the pictures and thought the cake was "way cool."

Thanks for once again sharing your family with us. We love you and continue to pray for strength, patience, and good sleep (:->) for you all.

Kara M

The Crazy Wolf Pack said...

Hooray for super coop!! I'm so glad you guys are home. You guys are the strongest people ever. I'm greatful I got to come meet coop, angel & britton. Thank you for the infulence you have had on my life. Keep up the good work. Happy birthday coop!!

Kristin said...

Rob, I absolutely LOVE your posts... thank you for sharing the information, as well as, a glimpse at your personality. Angel, you amaze me! Just add me to your list of admirers. Ginny's right, you're teaching so many of us by example. Thank you for being willing to share and please remember we're here if we can help with anything. We'd love to have Britton over to play anytime. Oh! And I'm so glad you had such a fun birthday party... how nice it is to be home!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Charlie.

I'm bawling my eyes out for you as I type. You look great little man.

Your in my prayers.

Danielle&Lincoln said...


I just starting crying when I read the last post about Charlies B-Day and the Cake that you had for him was adoreable. You are so Amazing. What a beautiful family you have. I think about you daily.

Danielle&Lincoln said...


I just starting crying when I read the last post about Charlies B-Day and the Cake that you had for him was adoreable. You are so Amazing. What a beautiful family you have. I think about you daily.

Anonymous said...

How great it is to see you in your home with your family and having is awesome. You are the strongest people I know.. JIll B

Matchbox Mom said...

Awesome! Happy Birthday to the sweetest boy!!! Loves

Anonymous said...

Happy 1st Brithday Charlie! I am still amazed by your family and how many lives you have touched. Have you guys ever thought of writing a book about your experience? I realize this is just the beggining of a whole new life, and you have already documented so much on your blog, but the experiences you have packed into the last 3 months alone have been more than most of us will have in a lifetime. All the money from it could help greatly in Charlie's continuing care. I'd be the first in line to buy it!!!

Megan said...

I loved this post. The pro's and con's of the hospital. I was smiling over the 30 minute parking!! So true!
I love all the pictures, Charlie looks so good at regular clothes!!
You guys are such an amazing family and I think of you often.

-Alyvia's mom

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a super cooper first birthday! Your family is so inspiring. I am so impressed hearing about the support you have from your extended family-everyone knows what a miracle Charlie Cooper is. Keep up the amazing work with your great family. And Rob thank you for providing my comic relief!-Your a riot!
the Messicks
We are still thinking about you and praying for continued miracles!

BaxterFamily said...

Charlie looks much more comfortable and happy to be in his new home. I'm glad the party was Super Duper. You're amazing Ang and I love Rob's articles, keepin it real!

Hugs and Kisses
The Baxters

Kevin and Nikki said...

I am a stranger that was lead to your blog. You seem like such a strong family! It is people like you that make it easier to withstand trial and make the best of every situation. My prayers go out to you and your family. Happy Birthday Cooper! Thank you for being an inspiration to many!

Brandi said...

You don't know me but I came across your blog through someone elses blog. I just wanted to say May God bless your family and know that you are in our prayers. Your sweet Cooper looks fantastic by the way. He is adorable. Britton is a handsome little guy too. I wish you the best and know that God loves you.