Monday, March 15, 2010

Relax... It's Only Been a Month... Or So...

Liars... we/I am/are filthy/dirty rotten LIARS. How presumptuous of us to suppose that we would really maintain this blog appropriately and concurrently promise that as much would occur. Let me first speak as plainly as I know how. Resolutions, esp. those made by others invoking your involvement SUCK/BLOW. My wife's intentions were pure in suggesting that we would effort to more frequently update. My cooperation however was verily ungenuine. I'm hoping that my apparent/obvious lack of enthusiasm regarding the blog isn't being construed as a lack of appreciation for the august effort, therapeutically, that so many of you are involved in. We are in a continued/constant state of thanks and indebtedness.

Charlie's therapy is like a swiss clock. All of his Angel's have become rather proficient at their art. Progress is slow but we still see new things here and there. The most significant of late is his awareness. In undertaking this program we fully expected his progress to be purely physical and while we have reached some mile stones in that regard it is his mental faculties that have improved the most as of late. Charlie has started to recognize and respond appropriately to different individuals and he does have his favorites. He has started to anticipate certain things, mainly food and his overall awareness is getting better every day. It's as though he's starting to figure out where he is in the world. He doesn't really care for patterning and he's not afraid to let you know about it. The rest of therapy he doesn't mind. His favorite is songs and hot packs.

I think it apropos to use the blog to thank Suz for her labors. Tirelessly she arranges and rearranges varying schedules ensuring that Char's therapy runs smoothy. Surely many of you have come to know her and as we offer our gracious thanks to all of you we also say thanks to her. Suz I'm sure Char will put in a good word w/ the Almighty and the hours you have sacrificed on behalf of our dane bramaged boy will count themselves advantageous in The Book of Life.

A fine video was constructed of all of you Angels and as soon as I educate myself on how to upload or find a capable party to pawn it off on it will be posted. You should look forward to that.


Marilee said...

Cool re: the awareness. He sure looks good. Love the smiles.
Hope you're not waiting to reward Suz til she dies. She needs chocolae now!!!

Meghan said...

A) ungenuine isn't a word.
B) you mustn't end sentences in prepositions.
C) "august", really?

and that is just a first paragraph.....

that said, thanks for the update - it is almost like an ode to the dearest first born. this must have been a little hard for you. however, i agree. she is a good one. and you are lucky to have her, as am i.

ps. i love the progress... just ranting about it yesterday.

Anonymous said...

A) Try a dictionary that isn't a iphone app. Maybe one those crazy lawyer guys use.
B) Since I wasn't writing in Latin the preposition is just fine.
C) Really! If I don't give you and Whitney something to look up it really isn't proper post, now is it?
D) I'm a Railroader/Carpenter/Soldier. If you can't accurately critique my writing then maybe you should find a new hobby or this might help.

Love ya ;)

Meghan said...

i think you mean "an" iPhone app.

love you - more than janie loves cupcakes.

Lee said...

Yay!!! An update!! I've been checking in once a week at least wondering when the silence would be broken. That sweet boy and all of you are in my prayers always. Glad to hear of continued progress however slow it might be.

That pic is precious....those sweet brothers. :-)

friend of the Duzys and a fan of Char

Janene said...

This world could use a good miracle...I vote Charlie gets it! Maybe he's already signed up. :)

Please don't correct my spelling and grammar. I know they both suck and I don't care. Thanks!

Suz said...

Oh Janene.....worry not. The idle banter is how they show their sibling love! Meghan is correct in her statement that it really hurt Rob to speak nicely and refrain from old age wisecracks.

I second the motion that Char (and his parents) deserve more miracles. Love the kid just like he is but it would be really awesome if he could hold his head up someday soonish!

PS--miss seeing you on Tuesday's. Hope school is going great!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update! I love getting to see Charlie and his family twice a week! I am putting in my vote for a Charlie miracle too!

Janene said...

thanks Suz! I miss Tuesdays as well. I actually have some relief in my schedule for a tad bit (Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays) consider me if you need a fill in.

Although I consider Char to be the "Perfect Boyfriend" and perfect in many ways than most of us...holding his head up could be a bonus. We will pray for that next little miracle.