Monday, October 5, 2009

For Those of You Who Sluffed

First off, THANK YOU everyone who showed up last night. Angel and I were humbled to say the least, and that really says something since it usually takes beat downs by Florida State and 50+ yard field goals by crappy kickers from the U to humble me. (I hate Yergesuck)

We know some were not able to make it last night (Sunday) for the therapy indoctrination due to the holiday weekend and the like, but if you would still like to be included in the volunteer schedule here's the plan. We are working on morning, afternoon and evening sessions for as many as we can fill. We are getting everything organized this week and would like to start some sessions this weekend if possible. Please let us know your schedule as soon as possible if you are interested in helping. Send emails to either of the following, or

How many hours a week would you like to volunteer?
Would you like them blocked together (in 2 hr increments) or spread out?
What days/times are you NOT available? (We need this info so that if we are looking for subs we won't call you.)
What would be your ideal schedule?
Are there any days this month you are going out of town and need coverage?
A Phone # where we can reach you.

Eventually we will get a schedule together on a google doc that will be linked from this blog. That way you will be able to easily access the schedule. My sister Susan Longman has graciously accepted the charge of being Char's therapy Coordinator and Director or President or Dictator or Supreme Ruler of Field Marshall or Czar... maybe not Czar, seems as though we already have way more of those than we need. What ever title you choose to call her by she will be the one managing all of the "Charlie's Angels" With her current propensity to not give a damn nor be easily offended we thought she would fit the bill regarding this charge, that and she really excells at telling people what to do. Since I have yet to discuss how she would like to be contacted by all the volunteers I will abstain, for now, and not put her cell number online for all to see and spam.


TravandNat said...

Lucky for me..I already have her cell number and have texted her our requests!! I can't wait to help out!

Marilee said...

I,of course, failed to appear at the appointed time. Sorry.
But it is wonderful that all these people, friends and family, have at their very core a "servant's heart". Nice.

JanuskieZ said...
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Jill B said...

I would love to help 1 to 2 days a week....My schedule is my own....but, I guess after 2;30 would be the best.

Harris Family said...


It's Tamara Hello! I have been hoping that you guys would need some help. I have not seen Charlie at Roxanns for a long time. I would love to help out any 2 hr block. Call me and Let see what would work best for our schedules. I am excited to help and get to know Charlie better =). Hope all is well with you! I look forward to hearing from ya 801-864-0070.