Saturday, September 19, 2009

Off to School

I realize it's been an age since we last updated but I've procrastinated with good reason. One not much has changed in the day to day life of our little man and I just haven't wanted to. I told Char's mom that when something noteworthy occurred I'd gladly note it.

Currently we're on a flight to the Institute for the Achievement of Human Potential in Philadelphia. Angel discovered this place through the Menning family and after doing some research we decided that this joint might be able to help Charlie. You'll have to excuse me for being short and largely unfunny but just before we took off I received several texts letting me know about the blood-bath that was happening down in Provo. (Dave and Cam, thanks for keeping me in the loop.) If my name was Landon I wouldn't care that BYU was getting beat because our rival already lost but alas that is of no consolation to me.

Angel and I are scheduled to attend a parents conference at "The Institutes" that goes until Friday of this coming week. 50+ hours of lecture designed to educate/train the parents of brain-injured kids on new and progressive therapy options. Any of you who know the zeal I have for the classroom will also know that it will be nothing short of a modern day miracle if I make it to the end. We got the class sched. and syllabus for the week and HOLY SH!#. This stuff is scheduled to the minute. Class is from 9 am to 7:45 pm every day with a liberal 25 minute break for lunch. Below is just the first page of rules for the lectures. There are two more.

We encourage course participants to briefly step outside for fresh air

if weather permits.

1. Always be in your seat on time.

2. Stay in your assigned seat.

3. Do not stand up during a lecture.

4. Do not leave once a lecture begins.

5. If you are late, go to the sequestered area.

6. Do not smoke in the auditorium.

7. Do not bring food or drink into the auditorium.

8. Do not eat, drink, or chew things in the auditorium.

9. Do not sew or knit in the auditorium.

10. Do not operate a tape recorder during lectures.

11. Do not operate a paging device or cellular telephone

during lectures.

12. Do not interrupt the lecturer.

In essence, each parent should be careful to never create distractions

for other students or the lecturer. They will show you the same


Each lecturer will focus his or her attention, interest, and concentration

on you. This is precisely what you should do for each lecturer.

Your help in keeping the lecture environment perfect will be a significant

contribution to the overall effectiveness of each lecture.

They also informed us the bring a coat, jacket or sweater because they keep their auditorium VERY cold. Apparently NASA did some studies and have found that humans learning ability is significantly improved when you're freezing your ass off. We both had to read this book "What to do about your brain injured child" and sign a affidavit dotted in blood swearing that we read it before we would be admitted to the class and Angel tells me the book makes sense. I don't really know what to expect with this place. In my mind I'm imagining a room of people in white coats, coke bottle glasses and tin-foil hats. I did look at a few of the brochures and did read some of the welcome packet but I'm afraid this Railroader might be in over his skis on this one.

We will try and update often this next week and let you know what we are learning (check that... what Angel is learning). We want to thank all of you for helping us with this trip. The Mom's and Sib's for taking care of our boys. And so many others for helping us afford it, esp. Randy (Bubba Jed) and Pam, Kent, The Colonel, Jimmy, Ogar, and B-Low for the buddy passes and Boomer for the accommodation hook-up.

Wish us luck!



Meghan said...

im pretty excited for y'all. i spent half of last night (the part after the game sucked and we almost killed one of your kids giving meds....i won't say which one - but don't worry, we are ALL FINE...) reading the institutes website. and they have sold me - i know nothing about it but i am sold. and i really have a lot of faith that this is going to change things. i know it hasn't been easy to make happen - but i am so glad you are doing it. making it work. i know it's going to be something.

ps. britt is having a great birthday so far. and there is still cake to come!

Peterson Fam said...

Wow guys that sounds WAY intense. I really do hope this is everything you hope it is and you get some great insights. Love you guys and can't wait to hear how it goes!

Kristin said...

We're thinking of you and praying everything goes well (especially that you, Rob, will be amazingly receptive to the information). Really, though, we will pray for you. Good luck!

Marilee said...

Hope all goes well and you become experts. It actually sucks that circumstances have made all this necessary. up. The Y is still the Y. They will rise again. Sing along with me now. Do you truly only love them when they win?? Pffft.

Anonymous said...

I pray you will find help. It does sound pretty intense! YOur family continues to amaze me!