Sunday, September 14, 2008

Another Story

Its been awhile since we posted a letter from you all and I apologize. Many of you have been so great in telling us your Charlie story. We'll try and be more diligent and post these stories more frequently.
Oh, I almost forgot... BYU - 59 Ucla - 0

I started reading Charlie’s blog when my daughter Emma was also diagnosed with meningitis (on the same day as Charlie, I think). I used to read it from the PICU and prayed for Charlie as I prayed for my own daughter. My daughter’s bacteria was different than Charlie’s, and probably not as aggressive. Also, because she was only two months old, even the low fever she had was cause for an immediate spinal tap. The doctors believe they caught my daughter’s meningitis in the first 12 hours and with aggressive antibiotics, she made it through with no repercussions. Since then I have kept checking in on Charlie’s progress and every time I am so delighted to see how your family has rallied to help with Charlie and how you and your wife have such a positive outlook. I remember seeing pictures from the hospital days and thinking you guys were so amazing for keeping it together and I know that God is your “glue”. Charlie couldn’t’ have been born into a better home, with better parents or a better family. He chose you.
Please know that one family of strangers in Miami thinks you guys are heroes, all of you!

Much love,


Ps. Attached is a picture of Emma, with her big sister Stella


Kristy said...

Hey Angel and Rob

I finally had some time to catch up on your blog. Brooklynn had infantile spasms and was on ACTH. We ended up putting her on a medication called vigabratrin (we got permission from the FDA)which at the time was experimental in the US...I am pretty sure it still is because it can cause retina damage. The ACTH did not help Brooklynn but the vigabatrin did, it did not get rid of the spasms but it slowed them down. She did get some retina damage but her vision was so bad it did not matter...she was legally blind. If you need more information let me know and I can tell you some of things we did with Brooklynn. We also did the ketogenic diet and few other things. I still work Monday nights at the sleep lab but I am usually gone by the time you come in. Take care my thoughts are prayers are with you!!

Anonymous said...

Miami, wow! Thanks for the story and what beautiful girls you have.

Jada Rose said...

So Angel, since Rob is posting byu scores on here, perhaps you have a photo or two you would like to share with the blog world? ;-)

whitney said...

I love hearing from Coop's fans. Beautiful little girls. How are Coop's shots going? I would like to see the pics that Chilt is referring too, and a picture of him in a hat that someone worked very hard to have it grace Rob's head.

Charlie Cooper said...

Whit- I added one of the pictures that Troy was referring to. The rest are for future bribery. Unfortunately I was at work when Rob recieved his hat at the Ute Tailgate so I don't have any pictures of how great he looked. Of course he won't put it on again. Maybe Landon or Tipp have some pictures.

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Jada Rose said...

Whit, Ill trade you ALL my pictures of Rob in his Utah shirt for the master of "the photo" I'm sure I can get Freeman to throw in a little monetary compensation as well. This photo is kind of humorous though.

Jada Rose said...

FYI in true byu fashion Rob has censored the photo Angel originally placed. While I do agree Michael Scott embodies most traits common to byu fans, the photo is not mine.

Meghan said...

what a sweet photo of your sweet girls adela. thank you for sharing your story with us and i am so happy emma is doing so well. take care!

whitney said...

Troy, that "photo" is well protected. I'm not sure how high the ransom is but MUCH higher than Rob in a red t-shirt. Ah, Lake Powell.

Harris Family said...


It was so nice meeting you this last week at Roxann's. I have always wanted to meet Charlie. I left feeling so good. you can tell when you are in his presence he is a spiritual giant in that tiny body. He is one hansom dude. I text Joel and told him that we ran into each other and that you would love the G tube bags. I was so glad to see That BYU and the UTES one this week. Have a great week and I would love to get together sometime if you would like.

Take Care,


The Bountiful Family

Adela said...

Hi everyone, thanks for the kind words about my girls. We are all huge Charlie fans and hope one day they can meet in person. We should have a Charlie Fanclub reunion!